Hello everybody! My name is Nikita Chichkov. You are all very familiar with my work, so it’s probably time to tell a little about yourself.For your convenience, I will have to divide my story into several parts, for a better idea.


Childhood.     8-12 years old.

I believe that this is the most important and significant time in the life of every creative person, since it is at an early age that interests and passion for something are determined. That’s exactly what happened to me.

My love of electronics came from my father.  Even in junior high school, I realized that I love to create something, to invent, to create. I liked to invent and assemble various simple mechanisms and electronic circuits, so I spent all my evenings with a soldering iron until I was a teenager. Just imagine: all around me are printed-out diagrams, transcripts of electronic components and a whole bunch of containers and jars with various parts, colorful coils of wire and solder-my eyes run away from the abundance of small things…  And an indescribable feeling of joy when I managed to create something interesting and necessary out of this chaos! I made garlands for Christmas trees, music speakers, remote-controlled cars, flashing lights, all sorts of simple devices and testers.

Those were very interesting years in my life, and I remember them with warmth.

Adolescence.   13-16 years old.

Around the age of 14, my hobbies change dramatically. I began to actively read and learn a lot of new things. I began to try his hand at creating modifications to mobile games, developing so-called mods, and also became seriously interested in developing and promoting websites. I even had a little bit of success in this direction. On my first site in a year, traffic grew to 1,500 visitors a day. It was a fairly simple school website. I periodically published all my works: tests, dictation,essays, answers to tests, and so on. But it turned out that this is interesting and necessary for people! I was quite surprised to get feedback. And the questions I had to answer taught me to take everything I do seriously and responsibly.

After this site, there were others, but the main thing that gave me this period-the understanding that I can do something necessary, interesting and useful on the Internet, too. And also an invaluable experience of communicating with completely different people.

Youth age. 17-22 years.

Admission to the railway technical school dramatically changed my life and outlined new tasks, very urgent and specific.  Being in search of a part-time job, I went to the copywriting exchange and for about two years wrote articles on various topics for the owners of blogs, online stores and other sites. Thanks to this, I learned to write unique texts and quickly type on the computer. And how many new things I learned about the world!  I really liked working like this, but over time, my studies began to take up almost all of my time, so I had to leave this business.

Once I was asked to make a layout for a railway exhibition in a technical school. It was not very interesting to me, but I got down to work.

The deadlines were tight. Literally from what was at hand, I assembled that small test layout, or rather even a diorama – with a part of the railway track, for which I made two traffic lights from wooden skewers, LEDs and a glue gun and made them blink. …

Oddly enough, the teachers and visitors of the exhibition liked this simple diorama.  I was asked again to do something similar, and I agreed.

No, it was different now.

I really “caught fire”.

My old love for a soldering iron has awakened. I made new traffic lights, only this time it was made of metal. All the notebooks were covered with dimensions, details, sketches, scale shifts, and on the table were sheets of millimeter paper with drawings… Metal copper tubes, a tin can of condensed milk, a bunch of wires and LEDs. This was enough to make very realistic and effective railway traffic lights in miniature.

Once I decided to show my layout and traffic lights in one thematic community. I wrote a little about myself and attached some photos and sent them…

During the day, more than 20 comments appeared under the post. There were a lot of unpleasant words. “Boy, this isn’t yours. Drop it. But there were also useful comments in which I found really constructive criticism, and not just “ew”.  I found it, took it into account, and made it better.  That was the most interesting part.

So, gradually, over time, the quality of my traffic lights began to improve. People were interested in my work, I had the first sales and the first grateful customers. The difficulties were to produce the necessary metal parts of complex shapes in large quantities and relatively quickly. It was impossible to cut it out with scissors.

In the search for optimal solutions, I learned about such a wonderful technology as photolithography.

I started trying, experimenting. The first good results appeared after about a year of constant experiments with etching of various metals. The necessary literature, articles and video lessons, a lot of your own trial and error, a lot of time spent and health /this activity is harmful to the body…/ Result: my last traffic lights are completely hand-built in terms of quality is not inferior to the factory.

Over time, it became clear that with the help of this technology, you can also make a lot of necessary additions to modeling, and not only.

So I started making all kinds of parts made of brass under the order, for the different directions of modeling:

from miniature aircraft and ships to the vintage car models made on a large scale,

from minimalist architectural models to elaborate dioramas for Board games,

from existing models of railway equipment to the items Dollhouse miniatures for true collectors of this direction.

At the same time, I began to think about creating my own brand. This is how my unique brass products were born, designed with great care and love, with serious detailed study of sketches and drawings.


I am currently 23 years old and I understand that working with metal, communicating with customers and selling around the world is exactly what I need. I watch as everything that I have described here gradually adds up and intertwines with each other, fusing into a kind of strong vine. My childhood and youth hobbies – the experience of writing articles, creating websites, working with metal, soldering and a passion for communicating with new people – eventually transformed into something serious and became a single whole, bringing me true joy and satisfaction from my work.

Now my works are spoken of in these words:

“..for the first time I hold such a high-quality product in my hands”

” These patterned stripes are like lace. And the grid is just a miracle! Airy and light as a spider’s web, but strong and does not break”

” I took your leaves as a gift to a friend, he paints figures of all sorts of orcs and goblins, but now I wanted to do this, I don’t really know why I need it, but it looks so cool that I couldn’t resist)) maybe I’ll also start building a castle, it will come in handy))”

” Your plants turned out as alive! I didn’t know metal could be so plastic!»

“It is strange that this is ordinary iron, but it seems that the flower is breathing and growing”

” Very enliven the layout! I will definitely order more!»

Dear friends, as well as dear subscribers! Thank you for your feedbacks!

Stay with me and you will see many more interesting things!

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