How to buy?

Hello dear friends! In this article I will tell you how easy it is to buy our products, namely: – how to choose products; – how to pay for the order; – how long will it take to process the order; How many days will the order take?

1. How to choose the products?

All our production is on our website in the section “PRODUCTS”. The buyer needs to choose the goods he likes, save links to them or remember the names / articles. After that, the buyer needs to write to us in one of the social networks listed below with information about these products, quantity and address for delivery.




2. How to pay for an order?

After the buyer contacts us and provides the necessary information, we will clarify the possibility of delivery, its cost; We will place an order and report the total cost of the order. If the buyer confirms the order, we generate a page for paying for the order through the* service. The buyer has several payment methods available, including PayPal. Payment takes no more than 5 minutes. is a monetization platform for copyright content from the Donationalerts service, which is part of VK. helps creative content creators — podcasters, designers, artists, cosplayers, bloggers, and more — earn extra money by monetizing their existing audience.

3. How long does it take to process an order?

After payment, we begin to collect it. We are a manufacturer, so if an item is out of stock, we can replace it immediately. Order processing time varies from 2 to 7 days, including the dispatch of your order.

4. How many days does delivery take?

Delivery times are always different. It depends on the country of the recipient and other factors. On average, delivery takes from 14-21 days. In rare cases, delivery is delayed and takes up to 30-40 days.

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