Experience with our products by Vincent

I have already been swimming in the world of miniatures for several years and I try each time to push my level by adding more and more details in my bases and dioramas.

Forest and Nature environments are always a good challenge because there is not a lot of product to reproduce nature unlike urban environments. I am very happy to have discovered the products of Chichkovshop.ru because I had not yet managed to get my hands on good «photoetch» type products.I had already tested the laser cut plants in a sheet of paper but I was very disappointed. They are fragile when cut and it is impossible to give them a natural or desired shape. For Chichkov plants. it is a real beautiful discovery.

At first, they are easy to detach and can even be lightly sanded to remove the attachment points. The different dimensions on the same brass sheet offer a multitude of combinations.

I used these plants in my diorama:
1) Ferns P001
2) Philodendron P005
3) Polipodium P004
4) Monstera P006

They shape very easily to give an ultra realistic side. I appreciate the details engraved directly in the center of some plant models, which brings a lot of depth to the painting.

To finish, I recommend to use a primer before so that the paint adheres well! and Be careful not to bend too much, be gentle with it 😉

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