Plans for 2023

Greetings, friends!

Many of you know that a few months ago, I temporarily suspended my entire photo-etched product development and sales business. There were serious reasons for this, which I would not like to go into in detail. Workload and sudden business trips did not provide an opportunity for development, even I had to deal with my site and group in fits and starts.

But, despite the circumstances, I managed to safely resolve the issue with my own workshop. Preparations for work are already in full swing in the new premises: insulation, installation of an exhaust system, purchase of equipment and tools.
In parallel, I continue to experiment in order to improve the quality of my photo-etched products and be able to offer something new.
Gradually growing global instability does not give us guarantees in terms of the supply of materials and equipment, but this is not a reason to give up, but rather an opportunity to develop our own products that are in no way inferior to European ones, and often even surpass them in quality and variety.

From mid-March, I will devote all my time to the development of an online store, work with individual orders and other projects. And also closely develop their line of products for modelers and diorama artists – from the prototype and drawing development to the finished product.

There is good news for those interested: I am starting to accept custom orders for brass photo-etching for March-April.

In addition, in the near future it is planned:

  • Replenishment in the warehouse of missing goods from the range;
  • Work on individual orders;
  • Release of new products.

Stay with us!

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