Material: brass;
Thickness: 0.2 mm;
Size: 70 * 100 mm;
Item: P016.

Packing includes: 1 x sheet

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One of the new directions of our goods is leaves and branches of trees. I decided to see how interesting it would be, so I started with the most famous tree — oak.

Based on real photographs and information from literary sources, I designed branches with leaves in 1/35 scale.

You can use the whole branches or cut off parts of the branch and use them for their intended purpose.

You can connect individual sheets with glue or a soldering iron.

If you live in an EU country, write to us for more information on delivery.

Write to us on Instagram or Skype about what you want to see in the assortment of our store. It can be anything. We will think about your idea and be sure to discuss it with you.



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