Material: brass;
Thickness: 0.2 mm;
Size: 70 * 100 mm;
Item: P010.

Packing includes: 1 x sheet

5 в наличии (может быть предзаказано)

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Amazing girlish grapes (from Latin — Parthenocissus Inserta) in 1/35 scale.

Made of 0.2 mm thin sheet brass by photolithography.

This plant is ideal for any layout, diorama or miniature base.

For assembly, you will need a thin wire (up to 0.5 mm in diameter), a soldering iron, flux and solder. Just put a branch with leaves on the wire and solder.

We specially made separate elements, instead of a whole vine, so that you can adjust the frequency and density of the leaves to your taste. You can make a long vine, but rarely solder the leaves or a short vine with very thick leaves.



Вес 0,02 g

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