Sunken Temple Diorama by @groundfloorminiatures

“Hey everyone! Here is my completed Sunken Temple diorama! This might be my favourite I’ve made so far. I worked really hard on this base to find the right plant placement, keeping everything balanced, and framing the models. I used the greens from their robes to paint the plants, to tie them all in, and the pink on the lotus flowers to make it pop.

The wall was hand made, and the red really adds some necessary contrast to all the green on the base. The roof is made from card and a plastic straw. The models are from @zenitminiatures and the plants are from @nv.chichkov and @make_it_epic with @vallejocolors water effects and paint.”

– cited from

As a manufacturer of materials* that Steve used in his work, I was interested in how he painted them, what materials and paints he used in the process. I private messaged and Steve shared the process with me.

“I primed them black (Surface Primer)
Base coat Black Green (Model Colour)
Added glaze layers of Black Green/Ice Yellow mix, starting at ~80/20% mix, and slowly adding more Yellow. Higher yellow mixes were concentrated higher on the leaf.
The stems and edges were painted with a mix of Intermediate Green and Ice Yellow, and then the stem was painted with Reikland Fleshshade wash.
Finally, I applied a Satin Varnish to give a waxy finish”.

* – Steve used and shared the process of painting one of our plants – Alocasia Frydek P002

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